DPP legislator responds to ‘unfortunate’ incident of vandalization on office door

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Democratic Progressive Party (DPP, 民進黨) legislator Wang Ting-yu (王定宇) responded to the vandalization incident of his office on Monday after vulgar vocabulary was found painted on it.

Wang, a married legislator, was involved in a scandal a few months ago after it was revealed he was living with DPP spokesperson Yen Juo-fang (顏若芳) as a “tenant.”

According to Wang, his Tainan service office was splashed with paint and indecent words were also featured on the iron door.

Wang remarked that he would do his best to understand the situation and entrust lawyers to determine whether or not they should file a complaint.

He added that the recipient of the crude message may not even be for him, and indicated that his assistant may have been the target.

However, after it was revealed that the culprit was not someone he knew, Wang expressed regret and helplessness about the situation.

He added that his attitude had always been to understand what happened and seek professional advice from lawyers.

Wang also said that he would not sink to the abusers’ level and remarked that it was really an unfortunate incident for him.