Taiwanese citizen shares experience of receiving first shot of self-paid vaccine

TAIPEI (The China Post) — A Taiwanese citizen, who is among the first to receive self-paid vaccination on Wednesday, explained that compared to the possibility of adverse side effects, he is more worried about getting infected by COVID-19.

The citizen surnamed Hung said he is not the least bit worried about the potential side effects vaccines may cause.

Mr. Hung, who lives in Taipei City pointed out that he often travels to Mexico and Vietnam for business.

Under different quarantine policies, Mexico and India are laxer compared to Taiwan and Vietnam. As he is planning to go abroad for business in mid-May, Hung decided to make an appointment to receive the vaccine at his own expense.

He added that after getting vaccinated, he still has a few weeks to observe his physical condition and can seek medical help whenever if he should feel unwell.

The 52-year-old explained that he had heard that vaccines might have side effects, but on comparing the two, he came to the conclusion that the risk of vaccination side effects was relatively safer than the risk of getting infected.

At present, Hung said there doesn’t seem to be any symptoms or abnormality; the second dose is expected to be administered eight weeks later.

Spending NT$600 to get vaccinated is relatively cheap compared to prices around the world, Hung observed and added that, even if the government did not provide self-paid vaccines, he would still continue to go abroad, thereby increasing the risk of himself or his loved ones to be infected.