First plum rain season of year is coming: CWB

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The Central Weather Bureau (CWB, 中央氣象局) announced some rain in the eastern half of Taiwan, Kinmen, and Matsu, as well as cloudy to sunny skies in other areas and Penghu.

Showers in mountainous regions are to be expected in the afternoon on Monday, the CWB said. Due to the influence of easterly winds, the CWB further issued a special report on heavy rain for the southeast region, with the probability of heavy rain in the local area.

According to Wu Der-romg (吳德榮), an associate professor in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences of the National Central University (中央大學), it will be cloudy and sunny in all parts of the country on Monday and Tuesday, with temperatures being warm and hot during the day while staying cool in the mornings and evenings.

The water vapor brought by the southeast wind increases, so there will be rain in the eastern half of Taiwan, Wu wrote.

In addition, there is a chance of partial short showers in the afternoon in the western half of the mountain areas.

Wu also pointed out that according to the latest simulation, the first wave of the “plum rain season” will pass through on Wednesday.

Though the structure does not appear to be strong, it will bring about an unstable atmosphere.

There will also be showers in the north and eastern half of central Taiwan.

Or the probability of thunderstorms, the southern region also has the probability of local short-term rainfall while the temperature in northern Taiwan will drop slightly, Wu said.