Exceptional drought creates unusual landscapes in Chiayi County

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The worst drought in half a century continues to make the lives of many people complicated in Taiwan. Yet, it has also created many stunning sceneries that cannot be seen during ordinary times.

According to YouTube channel “Explorer” (探路者), the landscape of Dapu Lakeside Park (大埔湖濱公園) located in upstream of Zengwen River (曾文溪) is one of those examples.

Because of the drought, the soil at the bottom of the reservoir has transformed into a grassland, creating a never-before-seen landscape.

Although it looks picturesque, everyone should keep in mind that the reservoir is not open to the public apart from select days, so visitors should pay extra attention to the time when they can travel to the area.

At the same time, the government also urges the public to save water and conserve water resources during drought.

The drought brought about huge cracks in the riverbed. (Photo courtesy of 探路者Explorer via NOWnews)

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