Taiwan actor apologizes for taking face mask down at bar

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwanese actor Wu Nien-hsuan (吳念軒) confirmed on May 2 that he was at the Novotel on April 22 to shoot a Taiwanese drama.

An outbreak of local COVID-19 cases was recently reported within the Novotel and among pilots of China Airlines, leading to 26 confirmed cases as of Monday.

Following Wu’s announcement, however, he was spotted at a bar with friends in the early morning of Sunday, during which he pulled down his face mask to chat with friends, local media reported.

Media speculated that he did not comply with virus-prevention measures to which the 25-year-old’s agent admitted that Wu did take off his face mask for an instant, but immediately put it back on.

The agent added that Wu is very apologetic for his actions, and promised to be more careful and follow the rules more strictly in the future.

Wu thanked fans earlier that day claiming that his health condition appeared stable and no apparent problems could be detected.

He also said that he and crew members promised to do their best to protect themselves and their families, in addition to anyone they may encounter on the street.

“We understand the gravity of the situation and are very concerned about it,” Wu wrote in his post.

Wu’s post. (Screengrab from Wu Nien-hsuan/Facebook)