Medical professional reveal necessity of vaccination despite infection possibility

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Former National Taiwan University Hospital doctor Lin Shi-bi (林氏璧) explained on Tuesday the importance of getting vaccinated despite the possibility of still being infected.

This was in response to the Central Epidemic Command Center’s (CECC, 中央流行疫情指揮中心) announcement on the same day that a pilot who recently tested positive for the COVID-19 virus had a vaccination shot 9 days before.

According to Lin, vaccines have never been guaranteed to be 100% effective, but the most important thing is even if one does contract the virus after getting vaccinated, the symptoms would likely be very mild as you already have some immunity against it.

Graph showing the recent cluster infections from Novotel Hotel and among CAL pilots. (Graph courtesy of NOWnews)

Lin pointed out in her Facebook post that the confirmed case tested positive only 9 days after vaccination.

Through tracing the time back, that would mean he was infected around 2 to 14 days prior, meaning the antibodies shouldn’t have appeared yet.

In addition, the pilot had only received the first shot, resulting in weak protection.

She further explained that even at 14 days later after obtaining two doses of the vaccine, there is still a chance of getting infected though the odds are very low.

Lin’s lengthy post on why getting vaccinated is still very important. (Screengrab from Facebook via NOWnews)

“The protection is never 100%,”  Lin said, but stressed that “the most important thing is that even if you really get it, most symptoms will be mild.”