President Tsai apologizes for party member’s gang involvement

Taiwan president and Democratic Progressive Party (DPP, 民進黨) Chairman Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) issued a speech at the party’s press room on Wednesday, apologizing to the public regarding one of the party member’s involvements with a local gang.

The controversy surrounded a party member, Chao Chieh-yu (趙介佑) who was allegedly involved in local gang activities and drug dealing.

Chao Chieh-yu is also the son of a high-ranking official in DPP’s Taipei headquarter. 

President Tsai apologized to the public during the press conference, saying that the DPP has failed to carry out its party regulations that stipulated to exclude people with inappropriate identities from joining the party.

Tsai pointed out that the DPP introduced its anti-gang-member party regulations in 2013, which clearly regulated that those involved in organizing crimes, drug dealing, and gun activities should not be able to join the party.  

However, the recent controversy has proved that the regulations failed to be practiced, which is something the DPP should improve on.

Tsai said that she has requested the party’s Secretary-General to review the current system of party membership and vetting. 

She promised to establish a new information system that will be used to check relevant judicial records and other public information on all the applicants for party memberships.

Members running for party positions as well as those already elected will also be checked regularly to ensure there’s no involvement with illegal businesses.