Taiwan real estate agent baffled by dual toilets in one restroom

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Real estate agents often bear witness to “creative” interior designs from time to time in the process of selling properties, but probably few can claim to have seen two toilets in one restroom.

A real estate agent recently shared with social media users how he came across the weirdly designed toilets, which left him quite confused.

The weird design attracted scrutiny online. (Photo courtesy of《路上觀察學院》/Facebook)

The image immediately attracted online ridicule with many saying it was the toilet version of “going Dutch.”

The original post was captioned: “My time as a real estate agent has led me to see some pretty strange designs.”

In the photo, two toilets can be seen side by side, with one being entirely red, and the other with a red tank but a white seat cover.

Moreover, the distance between the two horses is less than a few centimeters apart, meaning that two people would be near sitting shoulder-to-shoulder if they go to the toilet at the same time.

Social media users commented below the image, “This design is foolproof,” “Clean your own toilet” and “I cannot think of a more romantic thing than sitting on the toilet beside you, chatting.”

In addition, some users questioned: “Did the designer forget to plan an area for the toilet and added them after building it?”; ” Is this a necessity when a family has twins? ” and ” Is this a parent-child exclusive design?”