Hidden #Instaworthy ‘Nine Dragons Banyan Tree’ unveiled!

Stay away from the outbreak this weekend by heading to the "Nine Dragons Banyan Tree" in Kaohsiung. (Photo courtesy of @omg.wp/Instagram)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — There is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get some fresh air this weekend at the Kaohsiung’s Tzaishan Mountain (柴山) where the magnificent “Nine Dragons Banyan Tree” stands.

There, you will have the chance to capture the most #Instaworthy photo!  

However, getting to the hidden gem of the mountain is far from easy. As some parts of the area are restricted for military use, you should follow the signs accordingly and avoid taking pictures of the restricted areas or trespassing into them or you will be fined.

Wearing sturdy and comfortable shoes as well as packing a bottle of insect repellant is also a must for this precarious journey.    

Visitors can go through the entrance at the College of Liberal Arts of the National Sun Yat-sen University (中山大學).  

After a short walk of 20 minutes or so, you will arrive at a fork which will indicate two paths you can take. 

Path “A” is a bit steeper but the distance is shorter, while path “B” is less inclined but will take more time for you to reach your destination. 

Stay away from the outbreak this weekend by heading to the “Nine Dragons Banyan Tree” in Kaohsiung. (Photo courtesy of @omg.wp/Instagram)

Most hikers will visit Taiwan’s “Little Jungfrau” (少女峰to witness a limitless view at the mountain peak first before heading to the legendary Banyan tree.  

The “nine dragons” are all borne from the same “mother” tree, and their intertwined trunks and branches make a distinctive and stunning image that reminds viewers of dragons soaring into the sky. 

The beautiful image is one photography enthusiasts never get tired of and is famous for having no bad angles, so don’t hesitate to grab a few memorable pictures of your own! 

If the magnificent scene is still not enough to satiate your appetite for nature, you can try to spot a hidden “Taiwan” between the branches which was discovered and documented by a previous visitor via Instagram.  

You can try to spot a hidden “Taiwan” between the branches which was discovered and documented by a previous visitor via Instagram.  (Photo courtesy of @666_alvin/Instagram)

※ As the area is partially on a military base, do not trespass or take pictures of restricted areas or you could be fined.