CECC announces 6 new measures in response to outbreak

Health Minister Chen Shih-chung announces new virus-prevention measures following the recent outbreak of domestic cases in Taiwan. (Photo courtesy of the CECC)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — With the recent COVID-19 outbreak in Taiwan, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC, 中央流行疫情指揮中心) announced on Wednesday six major epidemic-prevention measures to curb the spread of the virus within the community. 

The new regulations include asking all businesses to practice pandemic-prevention management, expanding reports of possible contacts to detect potential cases faster and extending testing of any and all possible contacts.

Also, the CECC added more quarantine hotels, launching all specialized hospitals, and shortening the quarantine period of those on short business trips.  

Photo provided by the CECC

Health Minister Chen Shih-chung (陳時中) further asked businesses to maintain social distancing, make face masks mandatory and set up partitions in offices.

The minister also asked businesses to record all customers’ name and information, take customers’ temperatures, administer disinfectantsdisinfect the shops regularly, and restrict the number of customers at a time. 

Chen added that those who are deemed high-risk businesses will be subject to irregular check-ups by health authorities. 

Businesses that do not comply with the above regulations may be fined, according to the CECC. Further violations will result in penalties including shutting down the business altogether.