Photo of empty Taipei street wins praise from foreign media

TAIPEI (The China Post) — A Taiwanese social media user recently shared a photo of Taipei Arena’s encouraging slogan for Taiwan during the pandemic, featuring a near-empty street.

The photo received praise from foreign media.

Following the sudden spike of COVID-19 cases in Taiwan, Taipei and New Taipei City subsequently issued level 3 epidemic warnings over the weekend, asking the public to stay indoors and limit unnecessary trips.

The social media user who shared the photo said that he decided to put on his face mask and go for a short walk outside after staying at home for two days.

To his surprise, he found that there were very few vehicles on the usually busy Dunhua North Road in addition to there being very few pedestrians as well.

He confidently added alongside his photo his belief that Taiwan will pull through and the situation will get better with the cooperation of all Taiwanese.

To this, foreign media also reported on Sunday that although Taiwan has yet to issue a full lockdown, the photos of empty streets have led to much admiration abroad for the full extent of Taiwanese’s cooperation with epidemic-prevention measures.