Indigenous Taiwanese singer Abao calls on public to stay at home

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Indigenous Taiwanese singer Abao (阿爆) urged the public to stop heading into the mountains and stay at home during the pandemic.

The request came after the sudden spike of COVID-19 cases in Taiwan where Taipei and New Taipei City subsequently issued level 3 epidemic warnings, asking the public to stay indoors and limit unnecessary outings.

However, many decided to avoid gatherings of large crowds by heading into the mountains during the weekend, leading to the famed Taiwanese singer issuing a public plea.

Abao, a native of the Paiwan indigenous trib, revealed that she had received a private message from a fan asking that she urge the public not to head to the mountains during the semi-lockdown as elders in the tribe are very concerned about the situation.

She in turn posted to her personal Instagram page urging everyone to stay home and avoid scaring the elders in the mountains who would be more vulnerable to the virus.

She added that as tribes consist mostly of youth and elders and their medical resources are very limited, sometimes it would take up to an hour’s drive just to get to the nearest hospital.

Abao explained that should any of the tribe members got sick, it would be very inconvenient and troublesome for them all.

The post immediately garnered support from social media users who sympathized with the situation and joined in to ask others to stay home and avoid the mountains during the pandemic.