Taiwanese actor shares behind-the-scenes training for ‘Tears on Fire’

Taiwanese drama series “Tears on Fire” (火神的眼淚) has received positive reviews since its release with its realistic depiction of the hard work of local firefighters and their hardships.

One of the leading actors, Lin Bo-hong (林柏宏), showed just how difficult it was to accurately portray a firefighter as he recently shared on Facebook the filming process as well as some behind-the-scenes training sessions.

Lin explained that he was trained to dress in the firemen’s suit as well as gearing up with facemasks and gas cylinders, all within 80 seconds.

The training session also included walking and running on a treadmill while carrying equipment heavier than 20 kilograms.

The actor said that the most fascinating training among all was to enter a container simulating a fire scene where he was able to physically feel the heat of flames.

He said, “Though I’m completely geared up in my equipment, I still felt the heat on my skin as if it was burning. That was the first time I looked at the flames from such a close distance, and I’ve found them frightening yet beautiful.”

In the simulated fire scene, the actors were required to enter houses and locate mannequins posed as patients, where the smoke is so thick that one can only see things within 30 centimeters.

The unfamiliarity with the environment, the physical strength required, and even the fear of confined spaces all made the task harder to complete.

Though the training process was full of challenges, Lin Bo-hong still finds the experience worthwhile. “This character has made me learn more than any other roles I’ve tried throughout my career”, he said.