Foreign media worries for Taiwan’s national security amid outbreak

TAIPEI (The China Post) — As local COVID-19 infections continue to spike, foreign media have expressed concerns about Taiwan’s national security given its limited medical resources.

According to a recent Reuters report, Taiwan has been a model of the epidemic-prevention efforts since the beginning of the pandemic.

However, with the high number of confirmed local cases reported over the past week, Taiwan has implemented even stricter measures to curb the further spread of the virus, the report continued.

Moreover, the report pointed out that Taiwan only has 300,000 doses of vaccines in stock, which is only enough for a very small number of the 23 million people waiting to be vaccinated.

In addition to the shortage of vaccines and coming up with ways to stop the spread of the virus, Taiwan’s government also has to worry about the constant threat posed by China.

The report also quoted a national security official who monitors China’s activities, claiming that the Taiwanese government believes that Beijing has launched a “cognitive war” against Taiwan.

Various messages criticizing the government are allegedly circulating on social media, the report said.

“They are trying to emphasize the effectiveness of Chinese-made vaccines and portray that the Taiwan government’s behavior of placing hopes on American and domestic vaccines as unintelligent,” the source said.

The report also mentioned that Taiwan law does not allow the use of Chinese-made vaccines.

However, Chinese officials claimed on May 17 that the vast majority of Taiwanese want to obtain Chinese-made vaccines and asked the Taiwan government to remove” artificial political obstacles.”