NTUH head refutes rumors of hospital cluster in open letter

Wu-Ming xian (吳明賢) is the superintendent of National Taiwan University Hospital. (Courtesy 吳明賢@Facebook)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH, 台大醫院) Superintendent Wu Ming-shiang (吳明賢) issued an open letter Tuesday, stressing that there’s no cluster infection in the hospital as some media reported.

The president of NTUH sent an email on Monday encouraging his hospital colleagues to fight the pandemic together, however, the pep talk was misinterpreted by some local media which reported that there could be an infection going on in the hospital. 

The open letter read,

“Dear all,

We live in a democratic society where the freedom to share accurate information provides us an immunization mechanism, and I personally believe that amid the pandemic, disclosure of the information is the best vaccine. “

“We all know that Covid-19 is an infectious disease and infection cases must be reported once the test results confirm it.”

“Besides, medical workers who contacted the infected patients without proper protection must be quarantined and the wards must be emptied, so it’s impossible to hide such information from the public.”

“Yesterday, I sent an email encouraging colleagues to join hands in this fight against the epidemic, however, it was misinterpreted by some media as they reported today that there are cluster infections in the hospital.”

“Some media even said that the information comes from the colleagues of this hospital.”

“I must solemnly protest against the media for reporting this story without any verification, and I regret that some colleagues have taken the liberty to speculate the situation.”

“The core spirit of freedom lies in self-discipline, please do not publish false information on the Internet for shock value, and let’s cherish democracy and respect diversity by reporting the truth, as it is the true value of journalism.”

“I once again reiterate that now is the most critical time for Taiwan, and call on the media to be a tool for reporting the truth.” 

“To colleagues of the hospital, please stay calm and combat the virus with confidence, peace of mind and dedication, while taking necessary measures to protect yourselves.”

—The head of National Taiwan University Hospital.”