Apple helping TSMC to get vaccines to avoid chip shortage: 9to5Mac

Apple is helping TSMC get vaccines to avoid chip shortage. (Photo courtesy/shutterstock)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Is Apple helping TSMC to get vaccines to avoid chip shortage? According to foreign media, the multinational tech company is helping the Taiwan chipmaker to procure COVID-19 vaccines for its employees after an appeal for help from the Taiwanese government.

9to5Mac on Monday quoted a report from The Independent arguing that Taiwan’s attempts to boost epidemic prevention with a widespread vaccination program have been hampered by problems to obtain enough of the vaccines.

Despite Taiwan’s “excellent record at keeping the pandemic under control,” the online publication specialized in breaking coverage for the iPhone, iPad, and all things Mac pointed out that such record has now come to an “abrupt end.”

Against this backdrop, Apple Computers has allegedly stepped in to help procure vaccines in a bid that could also help lower the risk of global chip shortage.

Apple is reportedly worried about chip disconnection, according to 9to5Mac which argues that the U.S. company is helping to “obtain Pfizer or Moderna vaccines for TSMC and employees’ families” without providing much information about its sources.

TSMC has refused to comment on the matter, however.

TSMC is a vital supplier for Apple, 9to5Mac said, adding that “any reduction in its output could have dramatic consequences for the supply of almost every Apple product, from Apple Watch to Mac.”