New Taipei gets another 39,000 AZ shots for next 5 days vaccinations

TAIPEI (The China Post) — New Taipei City Mayor Hou You-yi (侯友宜) announced on Tuesday that local health authorities received a second batch of 39,000 AstraZeneca (AZ) shots from the central government.

According to Hou, the vaccines are expected to be administered to locals within 5 days amid reports that the epidemic situation in the city remains dire.

Hou said that local authorities will establish another two epidemic-prevention centers in Linkou (林口) and Sanxia (三峽) District to support the 22 epidemic-prevention centers established among the 196 neighborhoods of the 15 districts in the area.

Hou explained that frontline medical staff and police will be the first to receive the new batch of AZ vaccines, and added that he has tasked the Department of Health to finish the distribution of vaccines within 5 days.

Health director Chen Jun-chiu (陳潤秋) added that 26,000 doses will be distributed to frontline medical care personnel, 10,000 doses will be for government officials as well as police and firemen, and 3,000 doses will be distributed to other front-line personnel with high-risk of contacts