Medigen vaccine breakthrough leaves questions unanswered: KMT

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The opposition Kuomintang (KMT, 國民黨) on Thursday welcomed Taiwan-made COVID-19 vaccine Medigen’s (高端疫苗) successful unblinding process and raised several questions about the manufacturer (and government’s) future plans.

In particular, Taiwan’s main opposition party asked when will the Taiwan-made vaccines undergo phase three trials and become internationally certified? How effective are they compared to other vaccine brands? Are there severe health risks in taking these vaccines?

The KMT also questioned how effective Taiwan-made vaccines will be against COVID-19 variants. “Are the government purchase prices for these vaccines reasonable compared to other vaccine brands?” the KMT asked.

Faced with many unknowns, the KMT emphasized that being in desperate need of vaccines doesn’t mean that manufacturers should rush during the developmental process. These vaccines need to be safe, effective and certified before they can be distributed, the KMT stressed.

Medigen hosted a press conference on Thursday revealing the results of their unblinding experiment which saw that the vaccine increases the antibody concentration in the recipients’ blood samples.

As around 4,000 people have gone through the phase two trials, this means that the vaccines have a high safety risk, the company said.