Eleven Taiwanese elders dead within 48 hours after vaccination

Eleven elderly people were reported dead after receiving vaccines within the past two days in Taiwan. (Photo courtesy of the Associated Press via NOWnews)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Assistant Director of the National Taiwan University Cancer Center (台大癌醫中心) Wang Ming-jiuh (王明鉅) revealed on Wednesday that 11 elderly people have died over the past two days after being vaccinated.

According to Wang, a total of 280,000 people were vaccinated over the same period. Yet, he admitted on Facebook that he was alarmed to see these results after seeing so many elders over 80 years old vaccinating to protect themselves.

His Facebook post was following the opening of the AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccines on Tuesday for the elderly. The assistant director further explained that the connection between the deaths and the vaccines needs to be further investigated, as it is unclear whether there is a connection between the two.

Therefore, Wang suggests being more cautious and not using up the hundreds of thousands of doses remaining all at once. He also expressed hopes that all the elderly already vaccinated will be safe.