Taiwanese celebrity reveals details of President’s call on Facebook

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwanese celebrity Chia Yeong-chieh (賈永婕) shared on Thursday her experience of receiving a personal call from President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) who thanked her for donating medical supplies.

Chia took to Facebook to share with her fans the details of the call. Earlier this week, it was revealed that she had collected a total of 344 high flow nasal cannula (HFNC,  高流量氧氣鼻導管全配系統) as of Thursday, and an estimated donation of NT$92.88 million.

Many social media users praised her for her generosity, calling her the “anti-epidemic goddess” and the “national pearl”.

Chia said that she had been extremely busy Thursday afternoon with sending food to the hospital, so she declined many calls, even ones from her husband.

When she found out that some of the calls were from the Presidential Office, she called back immediately and said she was very shocked that Tsai had reached out to her.

Chia went on to say as she was driving at the time, she immediately pulled over to focus on the call. She even double checked that she was actually talking to Tsai because she couldn’t believe it was happening.

Chia said Tsai was very friendly, and thanked her and her team for all the donations they made. Tsai also apologized for the people who have criticized her.

Chia replied that she is not afraid of other people’s opinions, and that she will continue to work hard. She reassured Tsai that her intentions are selfless.

Chia also joked that she wanted Tsai to help her tell the citizens that she’s not a kind “aunt”, but a kind beauty. Tsai laughed and promised that she can 100 percent confirm she is kind, and 120 percent confirm that she is a beauty.

Additionally, Chia also emphasized that she can not take all the credit for the contributions., explaining that many Taiwanese entrepreneurs have generously made donations. Tsai replied that this is what makes Taiwanese people both kind and cute.

Lastly, Chia also invited Tsai to run a marathon with her, but Tsai did not seem interested. Chia also expressed that she hopes the government and the citizens can work together to defeat the coronavirus, and to show kindness, enthusiasm and truthfulness.