Taiwan traveler spends NT$5M to book entire business class cabin

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwan is experiencing a shortage of vaccines despite donations from Japan, the United States, Lithuania, and other countries. There is, therefore, little wonder that some Taiwanese citizens with dual nationalities have decided to get vaccinated abroad, especially in the U.S.

A recent video featuring three people who spent NT$600,000 on three China Airlines business class plane tickets to the U.S. went viral on Wednesday.

They selected their seats online but were unexpectedly told to change seats on the day of the flight, as the whole business class cabin was reserved by another person.

The display of wealth elicited shock from many social media users who jokingly commented “being poor has limited their imagination.”

However, reserving an entire plane cabin has become quite common recently.
Taiwanese influencer Fabian (法比安) also shared that he has heard of similar experiences where a group of people bought an entire business or premium economy cabin.

This topic has sparked heated discussions online.

According to aviation industry workers, a round-trip ticket in business class costs around NT$200,000. Therefore, reserving an entire cabin could cost around a total of NT$5 million.

China Airlines has announced that due to COVID-19, they are providing services that allow you to reserve flights, cabins or seating areas. The cost is determined based on profit considerations and the number of seats bought. Passenger information will not be disclosed to the public due to privacy considerations, the airlines said.

China Airlines also apologized for the inconveniences that this system may cause for other passengers, and has said that they will contact the passengers individually to apologize.

Along with China Airlines, EVA Air is also providing discounts for additional seats on economy class flights to the United States and Canada. These discounts are available until Aug. 31 for Y cabin prices, and additional seats can range from 60% to 80% off depending on the number of neighboring seats purchased.