Lienchiang County has highest vaccination rate in Taiwan: NCHC

According to “COVID-19 Global Epidemic Map” (COVID-19全球即時疫情地圖) statistics, Lienchiang county has the highest vaccination rate in Taiwan. (Screengrab from COVID-19全球疫情圖/Website)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — According to the latest data from the “COVID-19 Global Epidemic Map” (COVID-19全球即時疫情地圖), Lienchiang County has the highest vaccination rate in Taiwan.

The program created by the National Center for High-Performance Computing’s (NCHC, 國研院國網中心) can track vaccination rates among each county and city.

The report last updated on June 9 reported that Taipei City and Chiayi City both followed closely behind Lienchiang County in terms of vaccination rates.

Statistically, Taipei City has the greatest number of vaccinations, with 140,000 people.

The program is also able to track vaccination rates in foreign countries. Currently, Israel has the highest rate, followed by Bahrain and Chile.

The NCHC had created the “COVID-19 Global Epidemic Map” in March 2020 and improved it in June of this year to track locally confirmed cases and vaccination rates.

The program was made so users can access the program through their mobile devices and clearly see confirmed local cases on the map.

There were also charts added that analyzed the number of confirmed cases and number of people vaccinated within each county and city.

The recent website has around 3 million visitors a month, becoming one of the most important websites that allow Taiwanese people to understand the epidemic.