W25 | Dimi帶您迅速了解!本週你必須知道的五件事 | The Weekly Briefing


Two more weeks of Level 3 epidemic warning, potential gains from Taiwan’s GDP in 2021, home testing kits sold at convenience stores next door, hefty but safe travel amid the COVID-19 outbreak, and the beginning of vaccination for foreigners aged 75 or older in Taipei.

Here is our top five this week.

指揮中心宣布:第三級警戒延至7月12日 | Level 3 epidemic warning extended to July 12: CECC


At Number ONE Taiwan’s nationwide  Level 3 Epidemic Warning has been extended to July 12 in response to the CONTINUED RISK posed by DOMESTIC INFECTIONS. 


標普估台灣GDP成長至5.6% | GDP to grow faster than last year: S&P

第二則新聞,標普全球 (S&P Global) 的數據顯示,預計台灣今年的 GDP 將增長 5.6%,高於去年的 3.1%。

Taiwan’s GDP is forecast to expand 5.6 percent this year, up from 3.1 percent last year, according to S&P Global.


超商就買得到!新冠肺炎快篩試劑 在家實測操作流程 | COVID-19 tests available in Taiwanese convenience stores today


Taiwan convenience stores started selling COVID-19 home testing kits this week in a bid to put the outbreak under control. 


搭商務艙座位被更換氣炸!居然是大咖包下整區  | Taiwan traveler spends NT$5M to book entire business class cabin


A recent video featuring a Taiwanese traveler who booked the entire business class cabin for his trip to the U.S. went viral on Wednesday.


台北開放外籍人士接種疫苗 75歲以上皆能預約接踵| Foreigners in Taipei over age 75 now eligible for vaccine registration


Foreign nationals aged 75 or older are now allowed to apply for a vaccination jab