7-year-old dies after 70-day coma caused by abuse from judo instructor

TAIPEI (The China Post) — A 7-year-old boy, surnamed Huang (黃), passed away on Tuesday evening after suffering horrific abuse from his judo instructor which left him in a 70-day coma.

The boy from Taichung had refused to perform a judo technique during his lesson but was forced by his instructor, surnamed He (何) to continue.

According to local Chinese-language media, the boy then called his instructor “stupid”, and was then repeatedly thrown to the ground, sustaining severe injuries.

Taichung prosecutors have since investigated the case and recommended an increased sentence to the court for the instructor.

According to the Feng-Yuan Hospital (豐原醫院), the boy’s blood pressure and heartbeat have dropped during the past few days.

His coma was also rated level three according to the Glasgow Coma Scale, and he had to rely on a ventilator to breathe. His brain and his digestion system were both severely damaged as a consequence of the abuse.

Local Chinese-language media reported that his parents agreed to stop treatment but were completely devastated by the difficult choice.

Huang’s father posted on Facebook during his birthday in June, saying that his only wish would be for his son to wake up and be healthy.

Huang’s mother also said that she believed the Judicial Yuan can make a fair decision, and she hoped that the instructor can take responsibility for his actions.

Many social media users have offered support for Huang and his family through Facebook.