Taiwanese celebrity buys donkeys to keep children busy during semi-lockdown

TAIPEI (The China Post) — With the extension of the Level 3 epidemic warning, students continue to finish their schooling at home leading to many parents having to continue finding different ways to entertain them.

Taiwanese celebrity Yo Wang(王宥忻), also known as the “goddess of wealth” (財富女神), took “entertainment” one step further and bought two donkeys on June 21 for her children to play with during the COVID-19 epidemic.

In an interview with NOWnews, Wang revealed that she kept her son and daughter busy during semi-lockdown by finding different activities, like setting up tents at home and pretending to camp.

She added that in addition to the alpacas they already have, she decided to get two more donkeys to keep her children company during these trying times.

She also explained that their life at home is always very exciting. Even though the children may barge in the room when she’s working, Wang felt that the semi-lockdown has brought the entire family closer together.

Wang shared that her son had suddenly said one day, “I am very happy to take online classes at home, but I am even happier to have more time to spend time with you at home,” warming her heart.

Wang further noted that she felt more aware of what was going on during online school, as she can understand why her children were getting in trouble.

The celebrity made sure her kids were keeping up with school by making them complete their homework before doing other activities.

However, after finishing their homework, they are free to have fun doing things like making pizzas or sandwiches with their mom.

Even though Wang enjoys spending time with her kids, she admits that she sometimes wishes they were back in school.

“I really enjoy our time together, but I wish I had a little more free time. I’m a bit tired,” she laughed.