Taiwan YouTuber Ray Du explains reasons for recent inactivity

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwanese YouTuber Ray Du (阿滴) responded on Thursday to recent criticisms regarding his inactivity and silence during the worsening pandemic situation in Taiwan.

Speaking on his podcast show, Bai-Ling guo News (百靈果NEWS), Du explained that the previous “Taiwan Can Help” advertisement was purely to promote news that Taiwan was donating medical supplies to help other countries in need.

Last year, Ray Du took an active role in advocating the “Taiwan Can Help” slogan. In April 2020, he raised funds and bought a full-page advertisement in the New York Times to promote the cause.

However, many social media users have recently called him out for his inactivity since the Taiwan COVID-19 outbreak.

The popular YouTuber soon posted on Facebook promising to address these criticisms.

In the podcast, Du went on to explain that he has been inactive this year because Taiwan’s condition has been relatively controlled compared to other countries. Therefore, he thought that an advertisement would not be as effective.

As for why he didn’t promote “Taiwan Needs Vaccines”, he explained that since vaccines can not be bought with money, he feels that he is not capable of making an impact.

In addition, Ray Du also clarified that he chose to advocate the message of staying at home, instead of criticizing the government because he thought it would be more effective to spread positive information regarding following social distancing measures.

Du also said he disagrees with the idea that Taiwan Can Help and Taiwan Needs Help are contrasting messages.

He explained that for him, Taiwan Can Help simply means that Taiwan was willing to provide aid to other countries when they were doing well during the pandemic.

While Taiwan Needs Help is simply a response to worsening conditions in Taiwan, and should not be viewed as an embarrassment.