Taiwan YouTuber wins praise for stylish handmade BTS handbag

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwanese YouTuber Ma Yi (馬毅) impressed many with a stunning design of a handbag made from the packaging of a BTS meal packaging on July 6.

The world-famous K-Pop group BTS and McDonald’s had previously collaborated and launched a meal set, attracting many fans.

Subsequently, fans from around the world began collecting the packaging of the meal and designing unique products to celebrate the launch.

Recently, Ma Yi from YouTube channel “Pick Scrapmetal”shared a video of him using the chicken nugget boxes of the BTS meal to make a bag, gaining the attention of many BTS fans.

The creating process appeared tedious, as it was also the first time Ma used paper boxes to make a bag. In the video, he can be seen taking extra care crafting details such as straps and buckles.

After he finished the bag, Ma named it the “BTS McDonald’s Kelly” bag, attracting praise from many social media users.

As soon as the video was released, many fans expressed that they wanted to buy the bag.

Social media users also commented, “It’s amazing, it’s beautifully done.”

Others also enjoyed Ma’s transformation by saying, “the whole process is too therapeutic.”