Business picks up for cinemas in Taiwan amid partial lifting of level 3 restrictions

TAIPEI (The China Post) — It has been two days since level 3 restrictions were partially lifted in Taiwan on Tuesday and business is slowly improving for cinemas with the screening of Hollywood blockbuster movies.

With some stores still closed and many eateries only offering take-out options, not much seems to have changed from the time level 3 restrictions were first imposed.

As cinemas and movie theaters were among the handful of businesses allowed to resume operation amid the partial-lifting of restrictions, some have taken the advantage to catch a quick film this week.

Though the Vieshow cinema in Xinyi district (信義威秀影城), Taipei, found fewer than 10 people at the cinema’s first-ever movie screening in months on Tuesday morning it saw a vast improvement two days later.

With Hollywood blockbusters including “Black Widow” and the upcoming Fast & Furious 9 set to premiere at the Beigang ShowTimes Cinema (北港家樂福秀泰電影院) in Yunlin, more patrons can be seen heading to the movies.

Having been stuck at home for two months since the level 3 epidemic alert was announced, many youths have found it liberating to set foot into the cinema and enjoy Marvel Studio’s latest movie on the big screen.

It can be seen that business for cinemas is slowly but surely improving this summer.

In accordance with current COVID-19 preventive measures, members of the public who are keen on visiting the cinema are advised to have their masks on at all times, while the consumption of food and beverages in the cinema remains prohibited.

Movie-goers will also be seated in a “plum blossom” fashion (梅花座) during the movie, after which the entire movie theater will undergo disinfection before the next movie screening.