Taiwan CDC: Newly procured BNT vaccines aimed at 12-18 years old

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Executive Yuan Spokesperson Lo Ping-cheng (羅秉成) said a proposal has been submitted to Taiwan’s Centers for Disease Control (CDC, 疾管署) on Wednesday for teenagers aged between 12 and 18 to receive Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines donated by the Tzu Chi Foundation (佛教慈濟慈善事業基金會).

Lo said during a press conference this afternoon that Tzu Chi’s donation of 5 million doses can be combined with the 5 million doses from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (台積電, TSMC) and the 5 million doses from Yonglin Foundation (永齡基金會) which will add up to a total of 15 million doses of Pfizer being donated to the CDC.

Lo also stated that Tzu Chi had submitted their application on June 23 to the Ministry of Health and Welfare (衛福部), but was too late to merge their donations with TSMC and Yonglin Foundation as they had already made their donations.

In the future, Tzu Chi will coordinate with the two other companies and make more donations to the CDC, Lo said.

The government approved Tzu Chi’s offer on July 1. By July 9, the CDC had signed legal documents approving Tzu Chi to make their purchase.

The CDC is still waiting for Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration (衛生福利部食品藥物管理署, FDA) to provide an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), Lo said, adding that the good news was children from the ages 12 to 18 are now eligible to get vaccinated because the Pfizer vaccine has been clinically approved for this age range.