Taiwanese’s plan to ‘upgrade’ Olympic athlete’s hotel backfires

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwanese social media users’ tried their best to “upgrade” the hotel where professional badminton player Tai Tzu-ying (戴資穎) was staying in Tokyo by giving it five-star reviews on Tuesday.

However, the plan soon backfired as the 5-star reviews from the previous night were deleted the next morning and the hotel’s rating was back to 3.3 stars.

The attempts came after it was revealed that Taiwan’s Olympic Badminton team appeared to be staying at a not-so-grand hotel in Tokyo shortly after Tai posted a story on Instagram.

Apparently, once they arrived at their hotel, Tai posted a picture revealing that she was staying at “Marroad Inn Tokyo” which had an online rating of 3.3 stars.

The price of a double room was about JPY$4,500 to JPY$4,750 (around NTD$1,153 to NTD$1,218) a night.

The hotel provided breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and also had easy access to local supermarkets while being quite close to the badminton court.

However, many Taiwanese were dismayed to see a star player being cooped up in a 3-star hotel and attempted to remedy it by rushing onto Google to give the hotel a bunch of five-star reviews hoping it would increase the hotel’s rating.

Ultimately, the 4.5-star rating result did not last, and all the 5-star reviews from the previous night were deleted the next morning.

The news soon went viral, with many social media users commenting, “This is embarrassing for Taiwan.”

Others said, “Even though it was smart to try to change the rating of the hotel, it does not make the hotel any better,” or “Google probably deletes all of its false reviews.”

Tai addressed the issue by saying, “I am glad the hotel is close to the Badminton court because it saves driving time and gives us more time to rest between each of our games. The Olympic village is a 50-minute drive to the Badminton court but the hotel is only 10 minutes away from the court.”