Dee Hsu jokingly calls Olympic gymnast ‘son’ for his resemblance to her daughter

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Hung Yuan-hsi (洪源禧), a 19-year-old Taiwanese Olympic gymnast has gone viral on social media for his uncanny resemblance to Taiwanese celebrity Dee Hsu’s (小S) daughter (許老三).

With monolid eyes and curly hair just like her daughter, Hsu recently posted a side-by-side picture of her daughter and Hung.

She then took a video of herself jokingly referring to him as her “son” and told him she was waiting for him to go back home.

She posted the video on Facebook (臉書) and it immediately went viral on the internet.

Hsu wrote, “Your sister and I are waiting for you to come home. We know you are working hard.”

Hsu jokingly referred to Taiwanese Olympics gymnast Hung Yuan-hsi as her son and added a side-by-side photo of Hung and her daughter. (Screengrab from Dee Hsu/Facebook)

Some celebrities like Taiwanese writer Betty Wu (吳淡如) also responded to Hsu’s post by saying, “He is indeed your son.”

Kuakua (嘻小瓜), who is a Taiwanese singer also commented, “No wonder I thought he looked really familiar yesterday.”

Taiwanese singer Yuming Lai (賴銘偉) even posted a collage he made of Hsu’s daughter, Hung, and himself saying, “Please join me in cheering for my siblings.”

Hsu then posted another video of her saying, “As your mother, I feel extremely proud of everything you have accomplished. I hope you have a safe trip back home!”

She added, “I will give you a big hug once I see you. I already started cooking braised pig knuckle for you so I can force it into your mouth when you come home.”

Hsu later said she felt like she went a bit overboard and made a fool of herself.

She then questioned, “What if he doesn’t want to come back to Taiwan because I scared him off?”