Taiwan men’s archery team wins silver medal against S. Korea

The Taiwanese men’s archery team wins silver medal for the finals. (Photo courtesy of the Sports Administration)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The Taiwanese men’s archery team won the silver medal on Monday afternoon in the finals against S. Korea.

The trio representing Taiwan consists of Tang Chih-chun (湯智鈞), Wei Chun-heng (魏均珩), and Deng Yu-cheng (鄧宇成) lost to Team Korea with a 0-6 score.

In the first round, the Korean team scored five “10”s out of six shots and won against Taiwan with a score of 59:55.

The Taiwanese trio fought back, shooting three consecutive “10”s in the second round. However, South Korea scored “10”s for all the shots, taking the set.

In the third round, Tang shot 10 points, but the Korean trio caught up by shooting “10”s for the last two shots, winning the match with 6-0.

In the previous Olympics, Taiwan won one silver and two bronze medals, making their performance during the Tokyo Olympics their best one yet.