Famous Taiwanese breakfast cafe opens in Fremont, California

Cafe Mei opened its first shop in California recently to the surprise of many Taiwanese-Americans. (Photo courtesy of Cafe Mei/Facebook)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Cafe Mei (美而美), a well-known Taiwanese breakfast bar had a soft opening on July 22 — its very first store outside in California.

The three-day trial run ended on July 24.

The breakfast bar opened in Fremont, California, and posted its menu on its Facebook (臉書) page.

Though its arrival excited many, others were quite surprised to find that the prices were a lot higher than the same food items in Taiwan.

For example, an egg pancake costs US$5 (around NT$140), while a milk tea costs US$4 (about NT$112) which is a lot more expensive than the prices in Taiwan.

Many Taiwanese living in California expressed their thoughts about Cafe Mei on the cafe’s Facebook page, with one sharing their experience of patronizing the business commenting, “I went to eat lunch at the cafe. I waited in line for ten minutes just to order. I then had to wait another 14 minutes until I got my meal.”

Another wrote, “I got to the cafe and ordered my food sometime between 9:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. But I didn’t get my meal until 11:38 a.m.”

Someone else added, “The line is long and the items are not well stocked. However, the food is very authentic and delicious.”

Wang Huei-yi (王慧怡), the owner of the Fremont Cafe Mei stated on Facebook that the soft opening allowed for him to get a better understanding of how the cafe would operate and gave him a chance to make the necessary adjustments.

He also said that he does not want to keep everyone waiting, so they would open as soon as possible.

Social media users responded to Wang’s announcement with enthusiasm, writing, “This is an excellent place to eat breakfast.”

One seconded the opinion, commenting, “This has always been my favorite breakfast bar growing up,” while another jokingly asked, “Will the owner’s wife compliment my looks?”

Several social media users also discussed the cafe’s specialty, a large iced milk tea, on the breakfast bar’s Facebook page.

One advocated that “People must order the large iced milk tea as it is good for gastrointestinal health,” while another said, “The iced milk tea has come to save California.”

Some were also excited to share their favorite breakfast bar with others, as they commented, “I can finally have my American friends try milk tea.”