W30 | Dimi帶您迅速了解!本週你必須知道的五件事 | The Weekly Briefing


Six Olympic medals for Taiwan, a string of teen athletes outperforming their older counterparts, a broken “anti-sex bed” upsetting Japanese social media users, a presidential appointment for a Medigen vaccine shot, and a viral video of a cute doggy taking a stroll in Taiwan rain.


Here is our top five this week.

東奧第一週 台灣贏得六面獎牌|Taiwan collected six Olympic medals as of Thursday afternoon


Taiwan stands in the top tier ranks on the Olympic Medal Count so far with one gold, two silver, and three bronze medals. 


年齡不到20就為國爭光!盤點8位表現亮眼年輕好手|Teen athletes take Tokyo Olympics by storm


This year’s Olympics has seen many new faces and young blood, including a significant number of teen athletes who are making headlines for their outstanding performances.


以色列東奧選手破壞紙床架惹怒日本網友|Japanese social media users upset at the destruction of Olympic cardboard beds


An Israeli baseball player has drawn the ire of social media users in Japan following his successful attempt to destroy an “anti-sex” bed at the Tokyo Olympics.  

總統蔡英文線上預約打高端疫苗 | Tsai books Medigen shot, despite wait 


President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) on Wednesday registered to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine manufactured by Taiwan-based Medigen Vaccine Biologics Corp (高端疫苗).  


汪星人漫步雨中背影超萌 幸福肥糯米腸身材逗樂網友|Fluffy Samoyed dog in raincoat steals Taiwanese hearts 


Dogs are loyal, friendly, and hilarious, which makes enough good reasons to love these furry friends, especially on a rainy day!