McDonald’s Taiwan releases short film on badminton star Tai Tzu-ying

TAIPEI (The China Post) — McDonald’s Taiwan released a short documentary film about Olympic athlete Tai Tzu-ying (戴資穎) on Wednesday, titled “Cheering for you, besides you, ‘tastes’ the best” (在你身邊為你加油,這樣的滋味,真好).

The documentary, directed by Golden Horse award-winning director Lin Yuxian (林育賢), features not only family videos of Tai Tzu-ying and her sister Tai Ching-chieh (戴靖潔), but also reveals for the first time, their journey to success.

The interaction between Tai and her older sister in the film shows their good relationships, but also the competition and comparison between siblings that have also deeply affected both who have been working hard together in the badminton world since childhood.

Tai Ching-chieh even confessed emotionally at the end of the film, saying she is willing to be her sister’s strength for life, adding, “Running after you is really tiring; from the moment I gave up, I decided to support you well, for life, to cheer you on!”

After her sister’s emotional confession, Tai Tzu-ying also thanked her sister for the first time on film for her selfless companionship and support along the way, and thanked her parents for giving her such a unique sister.

Aside from the heartwarming clips, Director Lin Yuxian also retained the emotional ties between siblings and invited Tai Ching-chieh to sing the cover the theme song of the documentary.

The song was a classic, titled “Forever Young”, as a reflection of the childhood she spent with her younger sister.

Tai Ching-chieh said she hoped to convey her promise that she will continue to stand by her sister’s side and support her, no matter what happens in the future.

The documentary is now available on McDonald’s official Facebook fan group and YouTube channel in Taiwan for fans everywhere!