Taiwan YouTuber makes giant EasyCard so it won’t be misplaced

TAIPEI (The China Post) — EasyCards are convenient for those living in Taipei as the small electronic ticket can be used for MRT rides, shopping, bicycle rental, book borrowing, etc.

However, due to its size, you could also easily misplace it, which is why a local YouTuber recently came up with a hilarious solution to combat the problem.

YouTube channel “愛玩卡爾 Playful Karl” often shares DIY items on his feed; To solve this current problem, he made an oversized EasyCard by hand so that he could always have it “on hand.”

First, he cut out a cardboard box and then stitched it according to the proportion of the original Easycard.

Then, he secured the box with steel chopsticks, stuffed the small Easycard into the box, and laid white paper on it to paint the Easycard design on it.

Not too long later, he produced a sophisticated, giant Easycard.

Karl later took his giant EasyCard to the MRT station for a test run, and surprisingly, it succeeded in helping him get in the station and onto the MRT.

However, soon afterward, he realized it was too big to put away, making it more inconvenient than clever.

He later remarked that even so, it’s a fun way to make sure he won’t lose his EasyCard again.

Karl also reminded everyone near the end of the video that it was purely for entertainment effect, and added that when taking the MRT, it’s still a priority to be considerate to others.