英國網紅為愛留台 拍片圓夢談未來期望|British man shows care for Taiwan through YouTube channel

【看CP學英文】來自英國坎特伯雷的 YouTuber 李大豐,又稱羅伯特(Robert),除了中文流利,也說著一口道地的台語,近來推出的影片備受台灣網友關注。

YouTuber Ta-feng (大豐), also named Robert, has recently received much attention on the internet for his fun and interesting YouTube videos documenting various aspects of Taiwan.

Hailing from Canterbury, England, the British man speaks fluent Chinese and Taiwanese, which have impressed many social media users.


Robert made his first visit to Taiwan in 2014 and was amazed by its civilization and convenience compared to other Asian countries.


“Western people still consider Asia as very mysterious. In Taiwan, it’s safe and developed. Yet, it’s also still very ‘Asia’ for many people,” he explained.


To Robert, the island encompasses everything a first-world country has, as well as a certain amount of adventure and excitement.


Having decided to stay for a while, Robert took Chinese classes at the National Sun Yat-sen University in Kaohsiung in the morning and worked as an English Teacher in Donggang, Pingtung in the evening. Durin that time, he spent at least two hours commuting every day, he revealed.


“It was driving me crazy. Then it felt like too much,” he confessed. The bustling schedule lasted for four months before he finally decided to pack up and head home.


“Obviously, I love Taiwan, but as much as I had fun, it was still quite lonely at times living away from family,” he admitted.


Yet, fate didn’t seem to want to let him go, as right before his departure, he met his wife.

他開心說道,「遇見了,愛上了,然後就結婚了!現在我有家人在這裡。如今,大豐已在台居住長達五年 之久。

“We fell in love and got married! Now I have my family here,” he shared. Since then, Robert has been living in Taiwan for five years.


Once he had settled down, he decided to start making his own videos, which was an idea he always had in mind.

He considered Taiwan an ideal place for the project, which was how his YouTube channel was born.


“In the beginning, it was very chaotic because I didn’t really know anything about computers, making videos, or what I should talk about. Even now I still get confused,” he chuckled.


By jotting ideas on a notebook, the YouTuber planned his videos in an old-school way. He’d also write down target numbers and goals for his channel to keep himself on track.


“At first, I would get quite nervous in front of the camera. Editing videos is also annoying because you get sick of hearing your own voice.”

“It’s irritating and takes a while to get used to,” he pointed out.


Despite all that, receiving positive feedback from viewers motivates him to continue and do a bit more.


“Once, I was walking on the street, and a guy riding a scooter saw me and started shouting my name to say hi and talk to me in Taiwanese.”

“He was so classic (Taiwanese). It was a surreal moment,” he laughed.


The British YouTuber started his channel 6 months ago and has made amazing progress, covering topics such as food, traveling, and story-telling videos.

One of his recent videos shared 5 disadvantages of living in Taiwan.


“I kind of have to do that because that’s my angle. I genuinely care about Taiwan as a country and a society, so I feel that it’s important to sometimes talk about issues that need talking about, both in a funny way or a serious way,” he explained.


When asked about future career goals, he responded, “I want to keep making videos relevant to Taiwan.”

“The setup in my little room where I do everything is quite limited at the moment; Hopefully, it can improve more in the future.”


In addition, he also expressed interest in going on TV, saying, “I quite like performing. I find it very fun. I can talk a lot of rubbish. Sometimes they make sense, sometimes they just don’t. The overall goal is to be on TV.”


Currently living in Kaohsiung, Robert hopes he will eventually be able to buy a house to live in with his family, perhaps in the countryside.


“My dream is nothing too extreme. I don’t need too much,” the British Youtuber said contently.

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