Executive Yuan to reveal details of stimulus vouchers by end of week at earliest

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The new NT$5,000 stimulus vouchers is expected to launch in October this year, and the Executive Yuan is due to reveal more details by the end of the week, at the earliest.

According to local Chinese-language media, recent reports claim that the paper and digital denomination of the stimulus vouchers are all set, though whether or not they are able to be spent on e-commerce platforms are still being discussed.

It is also reported that the Executive Yuan is set to announce the launch of the stimulus vouchers on Aug. 26 at the earliest.

According to Executive Yuan officials, the NT$5,000 stimulus vouchers will have ten bills, including three NT$1,000, two NT$500, and five NT$200 notes.

As with last year’s triple stimulus vouchers, an anti-counterfeit design has been integrated so the public need not worry about receiving fake vouchers.

As for the digital vouchers, Executive Yuan officials claim that they can be transferred to EasyCards, credit cards, iPass, or other electronic payment accounts.