Taiwan confirms two new local infections, tally at 15,947

The CECC reported 2 local, 6 imported cases and 2 deaths on Thursday. (Photo courtesy of the CECC livestream)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC, 中央流行疫情指揮中心) reported two new domestic cases, six imported COVID-19 infections, and two deaths on Thursday, bringing the tally of confirmed cases to 15,947.

According to CECC officials, the first local case reported today (case 16055) is a Vietnamese man in his thirties who had been in contact with case 16006.

He was tested on Aug. 19 by health authorities and placed under quarantine.

On Aug. 25, he began experiencing a sore and itchy throat and headaches; subsequently, he was tested again and the infection was confirmed today.

On the other hand, case 16056 is a Taiwanese woman in her twenties who had been in contact with case 15969.

She was tested by health authorities on Aug. 16 but the results came back negative. During her quarantine period, she began developing symptoms including an itchy throat and coughs.

Her symptoms lessened on the next day (Aug. 18) and she was later tested on Aug. 25 when her quarantine period ended. Her infection was confirmed today and no possible contacts have been listed by the CECC as both cases had been under quarantine.

Meanwhile, two virus-related deaths were reported today as well.

Case 14517 was a man in his eighties who had a history of chronic illness but was not in contact with any infected cases.

He was hospitalized on June 23 due to a fever and tested and quarantined on June 24; his infection was confirmed a day later. He was released from quarantine on Aug. 4 and died on Aug. 20.

The other death is case 14837. He was in his seventies and also had a chronic disease while also recently been in contact with infected patients.

He was tested on June 27 after displaying symptoms including coughs and fatigue. He was quarantined and hospitalized on June 28 and his infection was confirmed a day later.

Soon after, he was released from the hospital on July 14 and died of other causes on Aug. 20.

The CECC reported that among the 14,739 cases recorded between May 11 and Aug. 24, 13,644 had been released from quarantine, accounting for 92.6% of confirmed cases released from quarantine.

Meanwhile, six imported cases including three men and three women aged between 10 and 60 were reported in Taiwan.

They had traveled from the United States (cases 16050, 16052, 16057), Japan (cases 16051, 16053), and China (case 16054).

They arrived in Taiwan between Aug. 2 and Aug. 24; all six cases had submitted negative results taken within three days of boarding their respective flights.

As of press time, 15,947 cases have been confirmed so far, including 1,385 imported cases, 14,509 local infections, 36 cases aboard the Dunmu (敦睦) ship, 2 cases including and relating to an infected pilot who violated quarantine in Taiwan, 1 unknown case, and 14 whose infection sources are still being investigated.

A total of 110 cases have been removed from the confirmed infections list by the CECC as well. Among the confirmed cases, 832 people have died.