Han Kuang military exercise gets off to a rocky start

TAIPEI (The China Post) — A Han Kuang (漢光) military practice exercise held on Tuesday morning saw an F-16V fighter jet with its nose in the soil after a rocky landing.

According to local Chinese-language media, the No. 37 Han Kuang military drill is scheduled to hold a fighter jet take-off and landing exercise on Sep. 15 in Pingtung.

However, a practice run today saw a two-seater F-16V slipping off the runway due to rain and slippery grounds, military officials said.

The Air Force Command Headquarters (空軍司令部) under the Ministry of National Defense (國防部, MND) stated that after checking the safety of the flight officers on board, they determined that the aircraft suffered minor damages.

According to the Air Force, the F-16V jet performed the take-off and landing drill at the military base in Hualien at 6:32 am.

During landing, it slipped off the pavement at the end of the runway and tipped over headfirst, leading officials to suspect that a rain-stricken lane may be to blame.

However, details of the failed drill will be under investigation by a team of experts, the Air Force added.