CWB could issue Typhoon Chanthu sea warning Thursday

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The Central Weather Bureau (CWB, 中央氣象局) announced on Wednesday that Taiwan could issue a sea warning for Typhoon Chanthu (燦樹) as early as Thursday.

According to the CWB, Taiwan will be affected by the Pacific high pressure system from today to Friday, adding that the main effects of Typhoon Chanthu will be evident on Saturday.

Chanthu has rapidly enhanced into a moderate typhoon (中颱) and CWB forecaster Wang Jun-sian (王君賢) added that the typhoon may intensify into a severe typhoon as the sea conditions are good.

Typhoon Chanthu is rapidly intensifying and may become a severe typhoon soon. (Photo courtesy of the CWB)

It is worth noting that Typhoon Chanthuhas has grown rapidly in the past 36 hours and has reached the limit to be classified as a “moderate typhoon.”

At present, there is still a good chance it will continue to pick up speed and strength, the CWB said.

Although Typhoon Chanthu’s growth is quite rapid, the storm radius is relatively small, measured at about 120 kilometers, which led many to deem it a “small but solid typhoon.”

Due to the small radius of the typhoon, the possibility of issuing land warnings still needs to be observed, Wang said.

Wang added that as of Wednesday morning, Typhoon Chanthu is 1,380 kilometers southeast of Eluanbi.

It will move in the direction of Pacific high pressure, west to northwest and west, and come to the southeast side of Taiwan towards the Bashi channel.