Jacky Wu lashes at trolls, offers support to Vietnam-born celebrity

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwanese celebrity and television show host Jacky Wu (吳宗憲) denounced online trolls for trolling Vietnamese immigrants in Taiwan during a recent episode on “Super Followers” (小名星大跟班).

In the episode, Vietnamese internet celebrity Helen Thanh Dao (海倫清桃) shared her experience of being plagued by discriminatory messages from trolls on social media.

Thanh Dao said she didn’t mind so much when trolls singled her out to bully her, but a particular comment claiming that “all Vietnamese women come to Taiwan to turn tricks,” angering her greatly.

Vietnamese new immigrant Helen shared the mean comments that were directed to her by online trolls before. (Photo courtesy of CTiTV via NOWnews)

She also added that she once shared a photo of her celebrating her goddaughter’s birthday, only to receive a mean message from a social media user who said she was hosting an early celebration of her goddaughter’s “death day.”

This alarmed her so much that she ultimately decided to report the case to a local police station, only to have them brush her off.

Upon hearing of her mistreatment in Taiwan, Wu visibly bristled and shared his unique trick in dealing with online trolls.

Wu was visibly upset after hearing of others bullying Helen online. (Photo courtesy of CTiTV via NOWnews)

According to Wu, once you click onto the profile which left the mean message, you will realize that it’s a private account, meaning that it’s usually specifically used to troll others.

He suggested calling the account out and not back down from the verbal abuse online.

Wu later consoled Helen, stating that she should try not to let them get to her, and encouraged her to speak up for herself.