English menu added to Quintuple Stimulus Vouchers website

The Executive Yuan has launched an English version for the Quintuple Stimulus Vouchers website so new migrants can have an easier time registering for them. (Photo courtesy of Shutterstock)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — New migrants can now register for the Quintuple Stimulus Vouchers by providing their preferred payment methods on the government’s new English webpage (5000.gov.tw/en/).

Since Wednesday, the new Website features an English section, explaining how new migrants can register for the vouchers, choose between physical or digital stimulus vouchers, and better understand when the vouchers can be used.

A detailed page titled “Pre-order and Inquiries” lists all the dates when you can register for the various vouchers.

Note that the release dates for physical and digital vouchers are different.

In addition, the website lists various ways in which you can choose to pre-order printed vouchers, though picking up the vouchers from post offices was curiously left out on the page.

Remember, that aside from the Quintuple Stimulus Vouchers, various ministries have also rolled out their own vouchers, including for food, art exhibits, travel, and more.

As previously noted, you can register for physical vouchers on Sept. 25 and you will receive them on Oct. 8.

In addition, you can register for physical vouchers through the postal service in Taiwan on Oct. 4, and will receive them on Oct. 12.