PTS launches new streaming platform to introduce Taiwan to global audience

PTS is launching a new platform, "PTS WORLD TAIWAN" in the hopes of bringing Taiwan onto the international stage. (Photo courtesy of PTS)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwan Public Television Service (公視, PTS) launched its new English video streaming platform “PTS WORLD TAIWAN” on YouTube on Monday.

The new streaming service, which offers an incredible variety of programming services to social media outlets and audiences across the world, will allow Taiwan’s community voices to be heard by a non-Chinese-speaking, international audience, enabling Taiwan to take center stage on a global platform.

Hoping to expand international reach, PTS aims to serve English-speakers living in Taiwan and overseas, making it an easily accessible portal to connect viewers around the world.

PTS English News will also air on PTS WORLD TAIWAN as a daily broadcast service. What’s more, news broadcasts in Thai, Indonesian and Vietnamese are available to serve new immigrants in Taiwan, keeping them abreast of top national stories and latest headlines.

More than 100 hours-worth of drama, documentaries, news, and programs created for children and youth, along with productions focused on lifestyle and personal wellbeing, will be aired when the platform goes live.

A dance performance at the launch of the event on Monday. (Photo courtesy of PTS)

Speaking at the launch of the event on Monday, PTS Chairperson Chen Yu-Chiou (陳郁秀), cited delightful landscapes, rich cultures, and vibrant community experience as some of the greatest gifts that Taiwan has to offer.

She added a “diamond analogy” to Taiwan, noting with confidence that “The whole of Taiwan can be likened to the finest diamond: every facet glitters.”

Her greatest hope is to dazzle the international community with “Tai-WANderful” on PTS WORLD TAIWAN, she said.

Since its launch 23 years ago, PTS Taiwan has become one of the most recognizable faces in international media awards, and its programming excellence has brought home one of the George Foster Peabody Awards, an NHK Japan Prize, one of the Rockie Awards during the Banff World Media Festival, and Mecenat Award during the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF).

PTS Taiwan’s productions have also earned nominations in the Cannes, Berlinale and Venice Film Festival.

To that end, PTS Taiwan is committed to creating quality programming for film events around the world to ensure more international exchange.

In the future, destination tours and travel programs across the island will be developed and streamed around the clock, as English content editors of the platform bring Taiwan to the world through meaningful interactions.

PTS expressed hopes that the broadcast platform would lead to overseas sales and licensing of its quality programs, and strong partnerships with other public television services to catalyze more productive contributions to the international community.