Malou intensifies to ‘moderate typhoon’

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Typhoon Malou (瑪瑙) intensified into a “moderate typhoon” on Thursday morning, bringing about stronger northeast monsoons and lower temperatures in Taiwan.

According to meteorologist Wu Der-rong (吳德榮), though water vapor has not increased significantly, the strengthening of the typhoon means temperatures in the late evenings and early mornings will drop in Taiwan, with Miaoli reporting the lowest temperature today at 18.6 degrees Celsius.

Wu pointed out that the coming week will be slightly cooler; From Saturday (Oct. 30) to next Wednesday (Nov. 3), the water vapor will increase slightly, and there will be local short-term rain in the eastern half of Taiwan.

The forecast indicates that the eastern part of Greater Taipei will see more rainfall and areas south of Taoyuan will be sunny and cloudy.

The temperature may rise slightly due to the typhoon, though it is still cool in the mornings and evenings, Wu said.