Walk-in appointments for mixed vaccines to start on Thursday

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC, 中央流行疫情指揮中心) said on Tuesday that starting on Nov. 25, Taiwanese can go to local, designated hospitals and clinics to get vaccinated.

Contrary to previous instances where the public had to register online to get vaccinated, the CECC is offering this alternative, and three types of vaccines will be available; AstraZeneca (AZ), Pfizer-BioNTech (BNT), and Moderna.

According to the CECC, starting on Thursday, various clinics and hospitals can receive those who have received an AZ vaccine jab 8 weeks or more prior and are looking to receive a BNT or Moderna jab as their second vaccine shot.

The CECC added that regardless of whether or not the patient has registered their willingness online, they can head over to the designated clinical centers to receive their second vaccine jab.

However, the CECC pointed out that the actual vaccine administration time and the provision of vaccine brands may vary in different counties and cities; therefore, residents need to follow up on announcements provided by local government health bureaus.

The CECC also remarked that the probability and severity of adverse reactions of those who are received mixed vaccine jabs are higher than those who are vaccinated with the same brand for both vaccine shots.

If you experience any discomfort having to receive your second jab, you should contact relevant health authorities as soon as possible so as to facilitate timely, follow-up care, the CECC added.