Taiwanese play includes Vietnamese new immigrant character as lead

TAIPEI (The China Post) — As Taiwan becomes home to many new immigrants, theater plays, movies, and literature have gradually begun to focus on the stories of these new residents, letting their voices shine through and incorporating them into the local dialogue.

Action Corp (表演家合作社) recently debuted a play set in modern-day Taiwan, titled “Zhao Jun and Zhao Di” (昭君與招弟) which delved into the love stories of three couples. The story opens with Zhao Jun (昭君) traveling from Vietnam to Taiwan for work, and her chance meeting with local motorcycle mechanic Chun-chieh (俊傑).

Meanwhile, Zhao Di (招弟) is a mother of one and works at a convenience store after much back-and-forth between her husband and her husband’s family. However, she soon begins to have thoughts about leaving her family behind and starting a new life on her own.

A third woman, Akiru comes from a broken family. After her mother leaves, she begins to rebel and spends most of her time online, chatting with others through dating apps. Initially adamant against every marrying, she soon “meets” someone online with whom she feels a special connection.

The intertwining stores showcases distinctive women throughout history and culture, Action Corp. producer Lee Dao-hong (李道弘) said, pointing out that through portraying them in modern theater, he is able to depict women who defy the status quo and march to their own beat.

In addition, he revealed that through their pursuit of “love,” Zhao Jun comes to represent courage, while Zhao Di represents yearning, and Akiru represents the spirit of pursuing her one true self.