Taipei gov’t gives out coupons to boost vaccination rate

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je (柯文哲) announced at a press conference on Monday that from today till Thursday, the city government will give out NT$100 OK Mart coupons to those receiving their first or second Moderna vaccine shots.

The incentive was provided following recent reports of the spread of the Omicron virus, leading to both central and local governments doing their best to boost the vaccination rate in Taiwan.

Ko added that the reason behind the choosing of the specific date is that around 3,164 Moderna shots are due to expire soon, and it would be a tremendous waste if they were not administered before then.

Deputy Mayor Tsai Ping-kun (蔡炳坤) added that the Taipei City Government had 98 bottles of vaccines leftover, which would be able to administer 1,372 vaccine shots and they will expire on Dec. 9.

Meanwhile, the central government also provided leftover vaccines from other counties and cities to Taipei, meaning that the city government had received around 1,792 vaccine shots which will expire on Tuesday.

Ko emphasized that though Taiwan looks relatively safe from the Omicron virus now, it may not always stay this way; therefore, he urged the public to get vaccinated when they get the chance.