Airport MRT express trains to operate at reduced intervals

TAIPEI (CNA) — The airport mass rapid transit (MRT) line will reduce the frequency of its express trains starting from April 6 until June...

Taiwan applies big data to planning new building standards

TAIPEI (CNA) — The government has applied big data in a study that will be used as a basis for revising building standards to...

CECC to set guidelines on revealing movement history of infected

TAIPEI (CNA) — The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) will formulate guidelines on institutions revealing information on the history of movements of their personnel infected...

Flight crews required to wear protective gear: CECC

TAIPEI (CNA) — All flight crews will be provided with protective gear from April 1 to combat the COVID-19 coronavirus disease, the Central Epidemic Command...

U.S. top debtor of Taiwan for 18th consecutive quarter

TAIPEI (CNA) — The United States was the largest debtor of Taiwan for the 18th consecutive quarter at the end of December, as Taiwanese banks'...

COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect consumer confidence

TAIPEI (CNA) — An escalation of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic around the world continued to deal a blow to consumer confidence in Taiwan, in particular...

MOFA to help disadvantaged groups in developing countries

TAIPEI (CNA) — Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) has announced that it will work with several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) on projects that provide assistance...
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Asia News

影/美國正妹護士拍影片籲肺炎防疫措施 | San Francisco nurse dances to COVID-19 educational facts on TikTok

【看英文中國郵報學英文】2019新型冠狀病毒(COVID-19)疫情持續升溫,許多國家確診案例也不斷大幅度增加,使政府下令封城以防止病毒擴散。 As the Coronavirus outbreak worsens, many countries, which are overwhelmed by the sharp rise of infection cases, have issued nationwide lockdown in a bid...

鐵道迷注意! 千萬不可錯過的四個台灣必追、超好拍車站|Google shows you the way to picture-perfect railway stations in Taiwan

【看英文中國郵報學英文】台灣鐵路管理局日前於臉書粉專PO文,Google map標出全臺「鐵道攝影點」,提供攝影愛好者捕捉火車美照的最佳拍攝點,除了告知地點外,還貼心教學如何拍攝。假日還沒想到去哪嗎?繼上次整理的四個最美木造車站,以下介紹另外四個超夯鐵道打卡景點。 Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) created a list in Google map which shows people how to go to picture-perfect railway stations across Taiwan. What’s...

台灣最大最浪漫金黃海芋田 超夯打卡點就在台中 | Calla lilies blooming in central Taiwan

【看英文中國郵報學英文】春神降臨,陽明山白色海芋已接連盛開,中部的遊客想欣賞海芋別錯過位在外埔的金黃海芋田! As spring is around the corner, calla lilies in Yangmingshan have taken turns to bloom. If you live in central Taiwan, don’t miss this...

在家隔離不怕餓死 英國名廚教你用冰箱剩菜做好料| Jamie Oliver teaches easy-to-make quarantine meals amid lockdown

【看英文中國郵報學英文】居家隔離的人可以大飽口福啦!下週,英國明星廚師傑米奧利弗最新廚藝節目「Keep Cooking and Carry On」首播,帥哥大廚將與大家分享如何用僅剩的食材,簡單製作超美味料理。 Those under quarantine are in for a treat next week as British chef, Jamie Oliver, debuts a new cooking show...


Coronavirus drugs: Can antibodies from survivors help?

About 80,000 people worldwide have survived a Covid-19 infection. Their immune systems will have produced antibodies, which will help their bodies recognize and fight...

Culture goes digital amid the coronavirus crisis

The organizers of the German Audio Film Prize had already been working on a live-streamed version of the awards' ceremony, following the cancelation of...

Rome under quarantine: A diary in times of coronavirus

St Peter's under quarantine A holy silence lies over St. Peter's Square. On one of the largest squares in the world, at the foot of...

Happiness, where are you?

What makes us feel happy can be very different: ice cream, a word of praise, the sunrise or the birth of a child. All...

Corona confusion: How to make sense of the numbers and terminology

The "basic reproduction number" actually refers to the spreading potential of a virus. It tells us how many people, on average, an infected person...

Coronavirus confusion about safety of ibuprofen

In the current corona pandemic, people with pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and diabetes are particularly at risk. Not only...