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IKEA聰明循環策略 讓珍愛的好物壽命更長久 | IKEA goes circular to make the things we love last longer

【看CP學英文】當你丟棄物品時你會感到愧疚嗎?或許你想要維修、回收或再利用,但是缺乏時間、知識或是精力去做嗎?不用再煩惱了。宜家家居可以幫忙。 Do you feel bad about throwing things away? Maybe you want to repair, reuse or recycle, but lack the time, knowledge or energy to...

問卷雞蛋糕母公司在台成立 創辦人曝生活平衡的重要性|25sprout co-founder maintains work-life balance in Taiwan

【看CP學英文】許多人可能聽過或用過SurveyCake,他是一個讓人們發起線上調查和分析結果的工具,但是大多數人可能不知道這著名產品和諮詢服務的背後有一個在台灣創立的母公司撐腰:25sprout。 Many may have heard of and used SurveyCake, an online tool allowing you to swiftly create surveys and analyze results. Yet, some may not be...

LCI members invite Taiwan businesses to join fight against climate change on Earth Day

TAIPEI (The China Post) — More and more people agree that climate change might become one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century....

科技公司談未來時代新趨勢!從AI行銷看台灣產業實力 | Taiwan talents create optimal environment to develop AI marketing: Dipp CEO

【看CP學英文】隨著不同類型的社群媒體盛行和興起,現今的品牌逐漸意識到要讓顧客只看一眼就立即被吸引是多麼困難的挑戰。  With the prevalence and rise of so many different types of social media platforms, brands nowadays are finding it an increasing challenge to attract the attention of...

WeMo takes Taiwan a step further to establishing smarter cities

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Many have come to Taiwan in recent years to build their startups at the “heart of Asia.”  WeMo Founder Jeffrey...

Taiwan is a haven for startups: PicCollage co-founder

TAIPEI (The China Post) — We often hear successful stories of up-and-coming tech startups in the U.S., but most would be surprised to know...